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Egg Donation and Surrogate Services

Deana Degroot Founder LovingDonationMy name is Deana and I am the founder of Loving Donation, Inc. an egg donor / egg donor recipient matching service. Let me begin by sharing with you that this company is different.

What my company offers is a matching service that enables egg donor recipients to select the donor traits that are important to them. I have built this company on the belief that there is a very real need for such a service and that “If you build it, they will come.”

When you call, you’ll be speaking to either my assistant or myself. Why?   Because I LOVE what I do! I have to admit; being able to do something you care so much about hardly makes it seem like work at all.

Generally, our visitors have been told that they need to utilize donor eggs to increase the odds of becoming pregnant. It was only then that you found out that in order to use the clinic’s limited selection of donors, you would have to sit on some waiting list for up to a year and that you had to accept whatever the clinic had to offer in the way of donor traits.

egg donation I believe that if you are visiting this website, it is because you are searching for a young woman with the traits that you desire her to have, who has been appropriately informed of the process, who has decided on her own to donate her ovum to a loving couple, and simply doesn’t know how to, or has reservations about, how she should proceed. Perhaps her anonymity is a primary concern to her. She needs an agency to represent her confidentially, carefully oversee her entire donation process, including travel if appropriate and handle the transfer of funds (her compensation) for her.

You feel, and we agree, that the child you are contemplating bringing into your life needs to be as close to you and your husband as possible, and, that “close” may mean different things to different people, and that’s precisely the point of why I started this business!!

surrogateWe think YOU ALONE know what is important to YOU.   You need to make that choice!! Whatever you and your husband feel is important to your family in the way of education or medical background, or simply traits such as height or eye/hair color, you should be able to decide on your own what’s best for you.

I began with scouting out and retaining the best web designers I could find to work with me to build this special site and to develop a database that works with you in mind. I’m very proud of the result. We’ve worked hard in conjunction with them to develop a site that works significantly differently than others do. I put more thought into the functionality of it. It was designed to work for you, the egg donor recipient.

When you have called our corporate offices and received a FREE PASSWORD (not like some agencies that want to charge you money before you have even seen the donors!) you will enter a secured area of our site that contains the donor’s profiles. To begin with, we won’t insult your intelligence by starting out every profile with “She’s a long legged beauty from Sweden, perfect in every way.”

egg donation agencyAs a nurse, and as the President, I insist that my data entry people do not fluff the profiles. I want you to learn the actual significant details of each donor candidate, which you will find very clearly displayed for you. What you will not find, however, is needless drivel that simply adds to the confusion. It is very important to me that you receive the appropriate medical and background information that you will require to carefully select your donor based on the facts that we will supply to you in the form of an extended application which goes back two generations into her medical history and that of her family.

You see, what we really do here is give prospective parents like yourselves, egg donor recipients, access to choice. That’s it. That’s our main function. We have created, and we diligently maintain and continue to add to, the finest selection of available egg donors anywhere in the country. That’s our goal. To be the vehicle that allows for the confidential furtherance of the egg donation process between all parties concerned. To maintain Expense Accounts for the payment of the donors psychological and medical expenses, as well as represent her interests in the securing and the transference of funds to her from the Expense Fund in the way of her compensation.

surrogate motherOf course we still work in conjunction with your clinic to coordinate medical appointments and such, but we are not a medical facility, we are an egg donor/recipient matching service. Our mission statement is to be the nation’s preeminent provider of available egg donors. What we really strive to do is constantly recruit and process only the very best of these women so as to be able to make them available to you in the privacy of your own home 24 hours a day. That way, you can take your time choosing your donor without someone breathing down your neck while you sit in her office, uncomfortable and feeling exposed by having to deal with this situation in public. Your privacy matters to us.

Your chosen clinic will administer their own program onto your choice of donor just as if you had selected their choice of donor for you. If your clinic isn’t working with us yet, please tell them to call!

They will monitor the donor while she is in the donation cycle just the same as they do for other egg donation cycles. Whatever the success rates are for that particular clinic is what they will be for you. Your doctor can tell you with greater accuracy about his or her own program and what they feel is right for you and what level of success you may expect with the use of donor eggs using their program. The only difference is that you simply went out and found the combination of traits that are important to you. After all, you’re the one having the baby, it’s no wonder that you’re the one to whom the traits are important!!