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Gestational Carriers

Give The Gift Of Life

It sure sounds powerful, doesn’t it? My name is Deana DeGroot and I am the President of Loving Donation Inc. and if you will give me a few minutes of your time, I will explain why you should choose my agency to assist you in becoming a gestational surrogate.

First and foremost is the fact that all of our surrogate recipients come to us from direct doctor referrals. Why is this important to you? Because some agencies fail to understand that if the recipient family isn’t currently working with an infertility specialist, meaning that they are still shopping for their clinic, they simply aren’t ready to be meeting with surrogates yet. You may find yourself waiting and waiting for the process to begin simply because that agency doesn’t have enough potential surrogate recipients, and that can be frustrating for you once you are ready to proceed.

My agency ONLY works with doctors with whom we already have a relationship, usually through egg donation, and that means that they only send us real candidates which keeps us from contacting you all the time with offers from families that truly aren’t ready to start selecting their surrogate. It has been shared with me by some of the surrogates that are currently working with me that it bothered them to get all excited when an agency calls with an offer from a possible family, and then they always fail to materialize.

how to become a surrogate motherI didn’t like the way that sort of behavior made my surrogates feel, and so I wait until a family has actually applied to my agency and given us a chance to see where they are with their clinic before I talk to you regarding their offer.

You see, I believe that without the special women like you who are so willing to be a helpful part of someone else’s painful journey, there would simply not be so many happy endings. If you choose to work with my team, rest assured that you will be treated with all the dignity and respect you deserve. We handle all of your expenses, including your compensation so that you can concentrate on the gift of the miracle you so lovingly provide to the couple.

Give us a call right now at 407-491-8662. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have so that you can get started in giving

The Gift of LIFE !!!

surrogate motherhoodFinally, it’s about choice. I hear almost daily from surrogate applicants that felt that they were treated poorly by an agency, sometimes even during the application process! I want to assure you personally, as the President of this Agency, that if you elect to work through my agency you will be treated in a fashion that is appropriate considering the priceless nature of your gift to my recipients. You see, I am a mother of two young daughters myself, and so, I allot my time to only a small number of surrogate recipients per month, that way I have the ability to choose the recipients that I will work with, which enables me to offer only the very best candidates to you.

Please feel free to Contact Loving Donation by calling us at:


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