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Surrogacy Estimated Expenditures

Please read this schedule carefully, as all fees are non-refundable and payable in USD.

Agency Fee – $15,000.00

surrogate mother costThis is payable in two non-refundable payments. The first $7,500 payment is a retainer fee and the second $7,500 fee is paid once you have selected your candidate and are being moved into the legal contract phase.

Legal Expenses – $3,200.00

This includes all contract preparation; final preparation of the adoption decree, and any other legal work necessary to ensure that the adoption and/or termination of parental rights (if in the IVF/ET program) are successful. If legal work is necessary outside of Florida, we may need an attorney in that state also to represent you, in which case there may be additional legal fees.

Medical Expenses – $500.00 – $5,000.00

This includes physical exams and sperm count of the father; physical exam, HSG test (if necessary), insemination/embryo transfer, prenatal, delivery, post-partum care for the surrogate. Medical costs will vary greatly depending on how comprehensive the surrogate’s health insurance policy is, or if she even has one. If she does not, you must purchase a policy for her.

You are responsible for any expenses not covered by her insurance.

Psychological Testing Expenses – $1000.00

These are the costs for the psychological evaluation and testing that the surrogate will undergo once she is selected. Also included is consultation during and after the pregnancy, if necessary.

Miscellaneous Surrogate Benefits – $750.00 – $2,000.00

This includes a $500.00 maternity clothing allowance; a $100,000 term life insurance policy which must be taken out on the surrogate (costs about $150.00); travel expenses, a monthly allowance to compensate the surrogate for such things as lost wages, child care, meals, etc.; and attorney’s fees for the surrogate’s attorney ($300.00 – $500.00).

Surrogate’s Fee – Minimum of $20,000.00 Previous surrogates will request higher compensation.

surrogacy costsThe average total cost, including everything above, is around $46,000. If you are participating in the IVF/ED program, the medical expenses will be significantly higher. These costs are intended as a guideline only. The actual costs may or may not exceed these figures dependant on your particular needs and choices. All legal fees, surrogate fees and expenses and psychological expenses are guaranteed not to increase once you have signed a contract with a surrogate.