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Intended Surrogate Parents

Welcome to Loving Donation’s Surrogacy Program

surrogateAs we begin 2018, our eighteenth year of assisting infertile couples with egg donation, we are proud to say that we have earned the trust of these families and their physicians by handling their affairs diligently and with dignity. It continues to be my great pleasure assisting hundreds of couples yearly from all across the world in creating wonderfully happy families through egg donation and now, mostly due to my agency’s reputation for our ability to handle the issues that arise inside of egg donation, we have been asked to accept referrals from our physicians groups across the country for surrogacy.

My agency is and always has been open to all persons of all races and differing sexual orientations. We are proud to openly work with gay and lesbian couples and/or individuals who have decided that their lives and relationships would be enhanced with an addition to their family.

From your initial contact with us, you will recognize our professionalism and dedication to the families that we serve. My agency understands the significant financial and surrogate motheremotional drain that is associated with these matters and we diligently strive to make all the various aspects of your surrogacy come together smoothly. All of our programs are full service, which means that we coordinate all Psychological, Medical, Travel, Financial and Legal procedures for you, thereby allowing you to stay focused on your relationship with the surrogate.

When you choose Loving Donation to assist you in your search for the perfect surrogacy candidate rest assured that you have chosen wisely, no other surrogate agency anywhere cares more than we do about you successfully bringing home your new baby.

You will find our dedicated staff to be caring and our abilities vast. We have compiled a nationwide network of resources that can respond to virtually any request, anywhere.

To view a general list of costs, please visit our ESTIMATED EXPENDITURES page. If you are interested in learning more about what we can do to assist you in creating your family please see our FAQ’s or call our offices at: 407-491-8662.

We look forward to assisting you,

The Staff of Loving Donation Inc.