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Our Mailbag

Donor Egg Success Stories

donor egg success storiesWhen I first called Loving Donation I was fresh from my physician telling me that we were going to have to use donor egg to attain a viable pregnancy and quite frankly I was crushed. Both Mark and I come from big families and we had always talked about having lots of kids, and so the whole I.V.F. experience was already difficult for me. Now being told this, was heartbreaking. The doctor told me about your agency, and about you specifically. He shared how he had worked with you for over ten years, that he trusted you, and that his office worked well with yours, and, he recommended that I give you a call. To this day, I still tell people how amazing you are at what you do. Our donor Madison, (and I really feel that way-that she was meant to be our donor), was great! Deana I just had to write and thank you again for all youʼve done for us, beginning to end, you were just the best!


Leslie & Mark 


egg donation paymentDear Deana,

I am writing you today to thank you again for all youʼve done for us. We found you after having a cycle fall apart at another agency, and we were devastated. We had been led to a donor who really let us down, and so did the agency. You patiently listened to our story and then just said you understood exactly what we had been through. Obviously, none of this involved you but you took it upon yourself to call them and try to get some of our money back, and even though you werenʼt successful with that, you sure were when it came time for you to find the right donor for us! You recommended a previous donor and we agreed. Wow! What a difference having you in our corner made! We loved everything about your agency and most of all we love you! I told everybody in my mommy group that if they ever find themselves needing an egg donor, donʼt mess around, just call Deana!

Sandy & Dan


egg donor agenciesDeana,

Just a quick text to say thanks! So happy you called with their offer, they sound really nice, and yes I will accept. I received the FedEx with my compensation, you canʼt imagine how thrilled I am to know that this semester at school is paid for! Timeline works for me, if anything else comes up, it will have to wait. You were right, Iʼve never felt so good about being able to help someone else, big smiles every time I think of them! I sent another girlfriend to your website, Amanda, sheʼs great, youʼll love her! Gotta run! Weʼll talk soon!



becoming an egg donorDeana,

Iʼm not one for letter writing, but I just feel the need to put my feelings on paper to you. Even though you said I wasnʼt all that bad, I know I was not very nice on my first call to you. I was angry, and hurt, and I felt like no one understood what I was going through. My own sister said she was just tired of my whining! I felt like it was my darkest day, I just didnʼt think I could try again. Then I took my doctors advice and called you. You were so kind, and compassionate. You made me feel like I mattered, validating my pain. We talked for hours, it was like we had known each other forever. You listened while I just cried, and when we hung up the phone, I realized something. You were right, maybe just maybe this time would be different. You gave me the strength I needed to go on. Deana, you gave me HOPE! I like to think Iʼm good at what I do, but you are truly unbelievable at what you do. I tell people that you were my Angel that day. I will never forget all youʼve done for me. Iʼm due in sixty-nine days! I still just canʼt believe it, Iʼm so excited! I havenʼt forgotten my promise to bring her to meet you.

See you soon!



donor egg success storiesDeana,

I just had to write you and tell you again how wonderful it was to work with you. Dan and I were simply amazed at your selection of donors! We had been searching other agencies but just weren’t able to find anyone we wanted to donate to us. You were so caring and kind to tell me I wasn’t being unreasonable even though I know I must have given you fits. In the end though, it was you that finally found our Jessica. I went to my OB/GYN today and he told me my pregnancy was coming along perfectly!! Thank you so much for everything you did for us, we will be eternally grateful.

Dan & Karen T.
Egg Recipients