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Meet The Founder

Deana Degroot, President of LovingDonation

donate eggsHello, please allow me to introduce myself, my name is Deana DeGroot and I am Founder and President of Loving Donation Incorporated, a Florida Corporation. As I mentioned on the site, I am a nurse by vocation and it was really just a touch of serendipity that I happened to attend a meeting about egg donation being held at a clinic here in Florida along with my brother and his wife one evening.

They had been sharing their story with their egg donation coordinator when she just sort of abruptly said,” Like it or not, your ability to just pick and choose traits just isn’t something we can address. We only have a few donors to pick from and I just don’t have one with blonde hair and green eyes. ”Now, keep in mind here that both my brother and his wife are blonde haired, and green eyed, so in their mind this wasn’t a situation of them trying to be picky, it’s just that they just wanted, among other things, for their own son or daughter not to look generally physically different from them!

egg donation agency founderWell, they never did get an egg donor from that clinic, but they finally found an Attorney willing and able to help them. The entire process seemed flawed to me, and the thought of no choice!! That just sounded crazy to me. I can get a dozen choices of coffee in the morning but I can’t have any choice of traits that I feel fit my family best from an egg donor!?

There just had to be a better way. Well, luckily I’m married to a pretty wonderful guy who put up with my obsession about it all until I finally decided that I would take the leap, dare to quit my job, and go into business trying to help infertile couples who need this Loving Donation to be able to start their family. I set out to change a few things, and I am so proud of what I’ve accomplished. I am truly honored to be given an opportunity to help you with such a sacred decision, and I really do believe that I have assembled the finest selection of donors available anywhere to assist you.


May God Bless You and hold you in His Loving Hand,

And may the Miracle you seek,  be yours.