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Can You Imagine Helping?

Imagination. What a powerful word. It is a word that invites us to open up our consciousness to all that is possible. To allow ourselves to Hope, to Dream, to go beyond what we see with our eyes, and to see with our souls. Earlier in my life, I never could have imagined what my life has become, who I have become as a person, and what I have been able to accomplish with my life. Through the combined effort of women just like you, I have been blessed to be able to assist over Two Thousand Lives be started. Those babies simply wouldn’t be here. Period. Those 2000 lives would just not exist if it werenʼt for women just like You who have stood up and said, “I want to be a part of the solution.” “I want to DO something, to give a gift I hope someone would give to me if I needed it.”

Through this effort, you can begin to imagine what you will now be able to achieve that perhaps you thought was going to remain beyond your grasp. Maybe for you that will be school, the investment in your own education is one that brings returns over and over. Maybe its art, or music, or medicine! Wow! How cool is that? You get to take back some control, You get to finally feel a little relief from the question of, “How am I going to pay for that?” Maybe itʼs just a new car, or even a downpayment on a home of your very own! The point is, that even though this act is one that brings so much to another woman out there, it also is an act of taking care of You too!

When I speak to my recipients about their donor selection, I ask them, “ If you had a magic wand, what would she be like?” Their answers never fail to amaze me. Contrary to what some of the media would have you believe with movies like Baby Momma and the like, the recipient moms describe their “perfect donor” as a young woman who is kind, thoughtful and understanding. In the 18 years Iʼve been doing this, I have never had a single woman describe a physical characteristic first. She may say, “My husband and I are both tall, so I guess I would like her to be tall”, or something like that, obviously eye and hair color, perhaps fair skinned or naturally curly hair, that sort of thing, but I assure you, those facets come behind a persons inner beauty to them. They ask me about my talks with you and what you are like. As they work to come to grips with the whole issue of donor egg, they begin to see it all differently, what their journey will become with this change in how it will begin. There is a lot to consider from their point of view and I want you to understand that.

As you consider this, from your perspective, and perhaps discuss it with your friends and family, youʼll have many opinions given to you, and I just wanted to give you the view from my perspective too as I am the person who speaks to the women who call and I think that gives me a unique vantage point as well.

For me, the opportunity to be able to do so much good for so many people was an instant draw. I am a nurse by trade, thats what I went to college for and hold my degrees in. After graduation I worked in long term care, old folks homes, and it was difficult for me that no matter how well I did my job, my patients died, thatʼs what the facility was for, a place to go to get end of life care. I have sat with over a thousand people who have taken their last breath while I held their hand. After 11 years, I was just burnt out. I was having trouble sleeping, and I just needed to do something else.

When I found this field, it was quite by accident, trying to help my own family with an issue. Once I had been involved in the first few dozen matches, and really after the first few babies were born, I was hooked! Iʼll never forget the very first birth I attended that I had been a part of, the look on the new moms face, everybody in the room had tears streaming down their face, I could actually Feel my Soul Soar! Thats when I knew I wanted to do this, to spend my lifeʼs energy helping other women achieve the same feeling I felt again later when I gave birth to my own girls. Without YOU, I couldn’t do that, so, again, Please understand that if you have found this, it is because YOU were supposed to. I believe that there are no coincidences, there is only destiny. I am so thrilled to be able to help you achieve yours.

As you enter this experience, please allow yourself to realize that this act means so much to the women we help, and that on her behalf, we Thank You for considering such A Loving Donation!