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Egg Donors

Dear Prospective Donor,

female egg donation
Thank you for visiting my site and looking into my egg donation program. The donation you are contemplating making is one of the most loving gifts one woman can give to another, the opportunity to parent. The families that are seeking your help are desperate to include a child in their lives. I believe that the recipient parents that contact and work with me and are willing to go through an ordeal like egg donation just to start their family have already proven what wonderful, loving parents that they strive to be.

They so want a precious baby to love, and yet, sadly, due to an earlier illness in her life, or perhaps simply because she chose to wait, these women are now being told that they will be unable to conceive without the use of donor eggs.

egg donation compensationNow, due to the technological advancements never before available in infertility treatments, these women have hope. That’s where you come in. No matter the technology, these women still need a gift only you can give.

We are always seeking out the special women our families need. You may possess the individual traits that are desired by our client couples to fulfill their vision of what they want their family to be. Because infertility does not discriminate, we have all types of recipient families seeking all types of donors! Regardless of your hair color, eye color, race or ethnic background YOU have the opportunity to be able to assist another woman to experience the joy of childbirth.

You will receive generous compensation for your time and efforts related to the donation process. It only takes about 30 hours of your time over a 4-6 week period, and it results in what may be the most powerful thing you may do in your entire life.

So, please take the few minutes it requires to complete the needed initial application, and be sure to click “Begin” at the bottom of the initial application page so that you will be one step closer to being able to feel like YOU have helped a devoted, loving couple realize their dream of having a baby to love!!

This loving donation requires that you be as determined and dedicated as the recipient mother in completing this process successfully. Please take the time to carefully and thoroughly complete and return our initial application to us and feel free to call our office  at 407-491-8662.

We look forward to working with you,

The Staff of Loving Donation Inc.