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First Things First

egg donor

Now that you have had a chance to visit our website and read a little about who we are and why I believe that we offer just the right mix of technology and personal service, you will be able to access our database immediately after you complete our online Recipient Registration form. Simply provide us some basic information about you and our system will provide to you, via a return email to the email address you provide, a temporary User I.D. and password. This password will give you access to our egg donor database so that you may begin your search with us for an egg donor that’s just perfect for you!

With roughly 900-1000 well educated, healthy egg donors who are ready for your consideration presently, we understand that the search itself can become difficult to manage. That’s why I insisted on creating the industries leading search technology, a proprietary system, custom built specifically with you in mind, including the “Your Favorites” function! This isn’t some off the shelf software, like some other agencies use. I am aware that there are others in this industry that don’t even bother to have a searchable database at all, just a sort of list that isn’t even behind a password! If that’s how they treat the private information of the donors, how do you think they treat your private info? These days more than ever, appropriate security of vital information must be paramount to any business owner. Rest assured, at Loving Donation we take a very serious position on the integrity and security of data entrusted to us.

Again, Loving Donation sets itself apart from agencies who simply cannot make this type of capital investment into their business.

Here’s how it works: after selecting the donor traits you desire to begin your search with, a results page will be displayed with the donors that matched your initial search criteria. Simply click on the link next to the donor’s first name and you will be taken to her personal profile page. Should you find this donor to be a “possible” just click on the heart that says, “Add to my Favorites List.” Later, when you have finished your first round of selections, you will be able to go to an area that contains only all the donors you preselected and placed there as your favorites. Then, after you have considered the donor at greater length, taking into your consideration things like her medical background, location, family traits, etc., should you decide to eliminate her from your choices, just click “Remove from my Favorites List” and she’s off your favorite donors list!

donor egg database

In the unlikely event that you are unable to find a donor in our massive egg donor database, that you feel meets your specific needs, please call my office right away and ask for me, Deana, so that I may have the opportunity to discuss with you our Private Advertising Program. We are considering new donors daily who are at various stages of the application and acceptance phase and we are dedicated to you and your search for the egg donor that’s just right for your family. If that requires a particular, unique set of traits so as to fit into your family, no one has more reach than we do, and we can design advertising specifically to address that situation.