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Estimated Expenditures

Estimated Expenditures

Please read this schedule carefully, as all fees paid to the Loving Donation Agency are non-refundable for any reason and payable only in USD. (Not foreign currency)


Egg Donation Program – We are a Full Service Egg Donation Agency. That means that we do not have hidden charges like some of the smaller agencies you may find on the internet. We understand that a recipient family may require some of these services; we just believe that these services should be included in the basic Agency Fee.

Application Fee – Loving Donation does not charge any application fee! It has always been, and it always will be completely FREE to have access to view our donor candidates. We want our prospective recipients to be able to make solid choices based on ALL available data on ALL of our currently available egg donors, including their medical histories. Agencies that want to charge you just to look at their database should be avoided.

10% of the Egg Donors’ Compensation – We believe this is just highway robbery! It’s obviously in that agency’s best financial interest to have their donors ask for a higher compensation amount when the agency is receiving 10% of that compensation amount as additional income. Further, it needlessly causes donors to increase their compensation requests to recipients thereby increasing the families’ total cost of the cycle. Loving Donation has one flat rate for all of our families and would NEVER consider tying our agency fee to our donors’ compensation amount.

Minimum Egg Donor’s Compensation$6000.00. These days, egg donors have become more savvy about doing their research regarding how much money they want to be compensated for a particular cycle. Some “high demand” or “previous donors” will request higher compensation. The Recipient Family may opt not to select that donor. We understand that an egg donation cycle is already a very difficult time for persons suffering infertility, and a very expensive proposition too! Therefore, we try to have a wide variety of donors available so that regardless of your budget, ALL families may avail themselves of an egg donor. I can honestly tell you this, I’ve never received a phone call from a recipient mother or father, holding their baby, that said, “Gee, I wish I would’ve picked a more beautiful donor.” It’s easy to get caught up in the “race for perfection” when it comes to selecting the right egg donor for your family, however, what’s really important is her health, her willingness to be compliant, and her honest desire to help someone out there who needs her help.

Finally, there is the matter of the contracts. Loving Donation has negotiated a flat rate for our clients with the law firm of Rolinski and Suarez. Their fee, which are separate from the agency fee is:

$950.00 – Legal Consulting / Creator of the Egg Recipient & Egg Donor Agreements. Also, due to the anonymous nature of the arrangement, they alone maintain BOTH SIDES of the contract, thereby making it whole, in perpetuity.

$500.00 – Egg Donor’s Legal Consult Fee – To allow the donor to have her contract reviewed independently. This is a necessary evil. In order to have the donor not be able to raise issues later, we insist on this independent legal consult, so that she has the ability and opportunity to ask questions and to have the entire process explained to her legally. Along with her being evaluated psychologically, this measure gives our recipients an honest feeling of safety as related to the very complex issues contained throughout an egg donation cycle.

Additional Fees outside of those mentioned above: The donors psychological interview and her MMPI testing. Again, this screening is required by ALL clinics and by us as well in the interest of protecting YOU, the recipients, from a donor “accidentally leaving out” on her application a situation that might make her a less desirable donor candidate. Please inquire regarding these costs if you choose to, we will be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding these fees.

All Medical Expenses: Loving Donation is not a Licensed Medical Facility, we are an Egg Donation Agency. The entire cost of your cycle expenses will be between you and your chosen clinic. Further, the cost of remote monitoring, if applicable, and the cost of any and all medications your physician deems required will need to be paid by you.

Traveling Expenses: Should your chosen donor require travel, those costs will be discussed with you when speaking to us as you complete your match. You will have an ability to be involved to some degree in those costs, however, you are responsible for all travel costs that are required by your clinic with regards to your donor. Also, she will receive $50.00 per diem and ground transportation costs as well. Lastly, on her retrieval trip to your clinic, she will require a travel companion whose airline costs will be paid by you. She stays in the same room as your donor, so no additional hotel room is required, and any transportation will be with the donor, so again, no extra costs there. Further, the companion is responsible for her own meals.