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What Happens Next?

egg donors

Now that you are ready to begin searching our database, please click here, and you will be taken to our Recipient Registration Form. Once completed, simply click the Submit button located at the bottom of the form and the system will automatically send you a User I.D. and password to grant you access to the area of the profiles where you will be able to see the donors detailed medical history as well as the slideshow of the rest of her photos.

Registration also entitles you to an initial phone consult with me, Deana, the Founder of Loving Donation. This FREE consultation will allow me to answer any questions you may still have regarding the egg donor selection process, or perhaps just some helpful tips on how to best use my database of donors.

I hope that you will take your time with this very important step of the selection process and when you have begun to narrow down your initial choices from the roughly 900-1000 currently registered egg donors in the database, please select up to three candidates that you would like to take under serious consideration. We will then begin contacting each of your donor choices, offering them your specific cycle, along with its particulars, (such as your cycles timeframe, compensation amount you are offering, amount of travel required, and of course their availability), and when we have the answers from those three donors, I will contact you to discuss those answers with you. Please be aware that this in no way limits you to only being able to choose three donors, it is merely a starting point. If you are dissatisfied with the responses, we’ll contact the next few and the process continues until both you and the donor are completely satisfied with the match.

When you have decided that you have found the perfect donor for you, just complete the Final Donor Acceptance Form that was attached in the e-mail that either I or a staff member sent you. Please remember, at Loving Donation we DO NOT “hold” donors ever, as I believe that to ask a donor to miss out on other opportunities being offered her while she sits out on the sidelines, waiting for a recipient to make a decision is unfair to her.

This step has been created in an effort to be fair to all of the many families who become interested in our most popular donors. All donors may receive offers from multiple families until the donor accepts one and at that time we contact the family whose offer she has chosen to accept.

In order to move forward from here two things must occur:

  1. Our agency fee must be paid in full.
  2. The legal fee must be paid in full.